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Did you hear they opened the sky? That you can fly wherever you want ?! Have you been to Brazil before? in Paris? In London? Because if you too are tired of the situation and your mind burns at home and you want to visit the hottest destinations we invite you to tour the 5 graffiti works that changed the world through a tour - a virtual game with puzzles that will leave you with a taste of more. Click here to hear more

Read More 2020-03-12 Food tour of the Old City of Jerusalem

Join us for an authentic tasting journey, between different times and religions, through the Old City of Jerusalem between the walls. We will hear about the rich history of the place, which made it sacred for the three religions, we will walk through the different districts, we will see all kinds of people, we will taste an abundance of foods and we will hear the most interesting stories. We will start with a local original coffee, taste a pastry in a bakery that has existed for over 400 years, visit an old and hidden tahini factory and taste black tahini, find out what makes chickpeas the best, smell spices with special qualities, hear about a business that goes on for generations. The ancient, the only institution agreed upon by all as the best in its field. We will take you through the narrow and lesser known alleys, visit beautiful views and together we will open our mouths and hearts to all the abundance that the Old City has to offer.

2020-03-12 A graffiti tour in the center of the Jerusalem scene

Sweets & Patisserie you shouldn’t miss in Paris!


This time we decided to bring you straight recommendations from the stove, places and businesses that we think are worth the jump and some of the most special and considered bolognese (pastries) and patisserie (desserts) in town (: prepare a place in the belly .. This is going to be tiring!

As you probably imagine, a visit to the City of Lights often includes delicious, unparalleled sins in our country, as much as we don’t want and aspire to the quality of French baking. From raw materials to secret recipes that go through generations, French cuisine is strictly known. However, alongside the classic pastries and familiar desserts you will find in any boilangerie and patisserie (which they should also know to choose;)), there are some inventions and innovations in this world that are worth the hassle and taste! Here are some recommendations from our Parisian citizen guide who tasted everything here and sacrificed calories for this article :).


Boris Lume Patisserie

One of the young stars of the French baking and desserts world is Boris Loma, who learned and drew everything he knows about French cuisine across the country, and then made an interesting and meaningful twist towards Japanese culinary! Boris now has two businesses in Paris, both in the 18th district of the city (the Montmartre area), with the newest of them offering the special desserts he conceived.So what is this about?

Lome has a variety of tasty and recommended products, with today we recommend you his lemon pie, which contains of course a twist! While his name may be misleading, and you think he’s naive, the lemon tart served by Boris Lome is one of the specials to taste. First of all, its shape, like the rest of its tart, is elongated and rectangular, unlike the traditional form of tart, which is round. Once you are truly impressed by its beauty, so much so that you may not want to eat it, you will discover in the first bite the amazing balance between dough, lemon and… What is this extra ingredient that feels like? The confectioner has added a surprising ingredient that is usually more associated with salty delicacies, so we won’t tell you what to leave you in a bit of tension for! The promise is that it may sound strange, but after tasters realize there is a genius move here.

Boris Lumé café pâtisserie

 28 Rue Lepic, 75018 Paris

Wednesday to Sunday 8:30-18:30


One of the most famous sweet brands of the last few years is the poplin puffs filled with various, delicious creams. The first boutique was set up by a cute couple in 2011 in a tiny boutique in the 3rd district of Paris. The boutique, of course, sells only one product of various varieties, is the plump pecans filled with classic or special creams. Today they are so successful that they have four boutiques around town that sell fifteen types of stuffed puffs (including special flavors for the holidays!). The poplinies have a method of eating, which you will also explain to you, they should be eaten from their bottom and not from above, why? Because if you try to bite them from the top or the side of the cream, the weasel comes out and loses it, so the Popplini people make sure they are eaten from the bottom of the pheasant (:

So what’s our recommendation?

If you want to go for the classic flavors, the three best we think are lemon, nougat and bitter chocolate (yum!) And if you like to try special flavors and flavors we recommend the most interesting pistachio or chocolate with the passionflora, which we think is the most successful (:

where and when? Poplini boutiques around Paris (click here for list)

Ice cream Bashir GLACE BACHIR

The sweetest and next thing we recommend you, has a slightly more modern and perhaps a little less ‘classic’ French flavor, but this taste is definitely worth the deviation from tradition, especially when it comes to spring and summer days! It could very well be that if we didn’t tell you, you would pass by the boutique without even paying attention to it or thinking it was another regular ice cream, but that’s what we are here for: Bashir Ice Cream is a traditional Lebanese ice cream set up in Lebanon in the backyard of two companies. What does it mean for Lebanese ice cream? As you will see on the menu, there are different types of ice cream you can choose, with flavors like chocolate lemon, nuts and more … When the most special dish / flavor is Bashir’s home-made organic ice cream and it has a slight vanilla flavor , And sprinkled with pistachio fragments which makes her especially amazing.

Glace Bachir

איפה? 58 Rue Rambuteau, 75003 Paris

everyday 12:00-22:30


One of Paris’s successful bakeries is on the outskirts of our favorite neighborhood, the Montmartre. The PAIN PAIN Mafia (in French: Bread Bread) is known for its culinary, sweet and savory bounty. When you enter the place that has the faint scent and blue walls, you really want to try it all! Indeed, there are quite a few successful products here, from the baguette that was announced as the “Best Baguette in Paris” for 2012, to the quiches, the sandwiches, and the sweet! So of course we recommend you try their “Tradition” baguette, but in the sweet cut, a warm recommendation is given to both the almond-chocolate croissant and another sweet simply because we must!

Chocolate almond croissant is an unusual pastry in the French confectionery, because its secret is the statute of limitations! Don’t be surprised 🙂 The almond croissants that were not sold on a particular day are kept for the next day and put in chocolate, making them always slightly squashed, but taste-wow! This is a solution that the French have found, since in most cases, unsold breads and pastries are thrown or transformed into “Pan Fredo” (lost bread in French, or as we call it French Toast).

PAIN PAIN’s special patisserie is the raspberry tart (Framboise) that you can probably find in every confectionery in France, although this bakery’s tart is slightly different because in its dough lies a particularly greenish pistachio filling – for pistachio lovers only! The combination of sweet and sour is just fun!


88, rue des Martyrs – 75018 Paris

Tuesday to Saturday 7:00-20:00 Sunday 7:30-19:30

A special macaron by Arnaud Larher Arnaud Larher Patisserie

O’Shea Arnaud Harrer, the chef who also won the highest French culinary title in the world called “Meilleur Ouvrier de France, one of France’s best artisans, awarded by the President of France!” Is a man of flavors, his flagship boutique in the eighteenth quarter Of Paris is full of goodies – chocolates, desserts he invented, all at a very high level. His special macarons are also worth a taste, if only because of the varied and sometimes unconventional flavors he offers! What tastes for example? Caramel and salted butter, purple wine hot macaron, or chestnut and cassis! Herrer knows how to surprise with special combinations in his macarons that you will definitely not find anywhere else .. We recommend that you try what sounds the most strange and delusional (:

where and when? In one of his three boutiques in France (click here and scroll down a bit)

So after this respectable list of hot recommendations from us, we’d love to hear if you did go for a taste and what did you think of our recommendations for your love, thought, less love? We would love to hear and leave us a comment. If you find this post relevant to someone or interesting, you are more than welcome to share it! We have many more interesting articles on our blog, welcome to keep going!

Hope we have given you another reason to visit our favorite city of Paris, and if you do come to visit we recommend you join us for a tour, click here.


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