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Join us for an authentic tasting journey, between different times and religions, through the Old City of Jerusalem between the walls. We will hear about the rich history of the place, which made it sacred for the three religions, we will walk through the different districts, we will see all kinds of people, we will taste an abundance of foods and we will hear the most interesting stories. We will start with a local original coffee, taste a pastry in a bakery that has existed for over 400 years, visit an old and hidden tahini factory and taste black tahini, find out what makes chickpeas the best, smell spices with special qualities, hear about a business that goes on for generations. The ancient, the only institution agreed upon by all as the best in its field. We will take you through the narrow and lesser known alleys, visit beautiful views and together we will open our mouths and hearts to all the abundance that the Old City has to offer.

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Athens- 10 bars and cafés you have to visit in Athens



Have you ever visited a city and thought: “I could live here!” or “I love the culture!”? 

In my opinion one of the things that makes a city be worthy to visit is the cafe’ and bars it has- which gives you an opportunity to meet the locals, taste the food and have a good time together.

So either you visit Athens for a few days, or you have decided to spend some more time at the Greek capital, it is always a good idea to get to explore the city by visiting a café or a bar. Explore the different neighborhoods of downtown Athens while drinking coffee, a soft drink or a whisky! and maybe even meet someone who will make you remember the place 🙂

  1. Low Profile Whisky bar at Syntagma

Located a few meters away from the Greek parliament, in a passage, this bar is one of the classic ones! His owner, Stavros, is crazy about whisky and good music, always searching for new ideas. The result of his search: whiskey and good music (mostly jazz and blues), a great list of malt whiskeys but a very good selection among cocktails too. Enjoy your drink while listening to a Tom Waits song in this red-colored whisky bar! 

Location: Voulis 7, 10562, Athens (Syntagma)

Fb page:  

2.Au revoir at Kypseli

One of the oldest bars in the city, located at Patision Street, at a neighborhood that has the aroma of old Athens, the one that 50 years ago had this unique allure. The waiters are all well-dressed men, who seem to have jumped out of a movie. Built by the famous architect Proveleggios, this is not a trendy place, but a bar all ages -and especially artists- love to come back to, with a romantic longing. The bar seems like it has come out of a film from the 60’s. Having an early drink here is a must! 

Location: Patision 136, 11257, Athens (Kypseli)

FB page:

3.56 at Kolonaki

The first time you will try to reach this bar, you will be double checking the street number to make sure you haven’t already passed by it! With an entrance that is half-hidden, you will find yourself entering a jazz bar that has a very Humphrey Bogart –New York 50’s kind of style! The bar has a great list of whisky labels and malts and his owner “Panayiotis” is always ready to propose to you what to try next. The neighborhood is one of the “rich” ones in downtown Athens, but while a lot of restaurants and cafés have a trendy style, 56 succeeds to keep a very classic one, that not only survives but thrives during the decades! 

Location: Ploutarchou 56, 10676, Athens (Kolonaki)

FB page:

4.Couleur Locale at Monastiraki

Located in Psyrri area, where most of the city’s graffiti works are located, this is quite a trendy place with a long cocktail list, that also offers coffee in the morning and snacks during the day. It is most of the times packed with people for a very good reason, besides the service and the beverages: the amazing view. Yes, you guessed right: this bistro is located on a terrace! One with the best views of the Parthenon and all the nearby buildings’ rooftops, the city becomes magical during the night. This is the absolute must during the summer months, but it also stays open during the winter with some glass protection, tents and heaters, that invite you to stay semi-outdoors even on a cold day!

Location: Normanou 3, 105 55, Athens (Monastiraki)

FB page:

5.TAF (The Art Foudation) at Monastiraki

Just next to Couleur Locale, another hidden gem at Monastiraki area. When you enter TAF you find yourself at a big yard where an all-day café is operating. TAF is also an art space, hosting performances and art exhibitions throughout the year. It is open from early in the morning until late at night and is always a good idea for a coffee or a drink! 

Location: Normanou 5, 105 55, Athens (Monastiraki)

FB page:

6.Klouvi at Petralona

This bar is located in one of the most vivid neighborhoods of Athens. You can find a lot of restaurants around the corner and other cafés and bars to choose from, but this particular place has a special energy that makes you come back, even though it is quite small. Klouvi in Greek means cage; it always brings to my mind the French play “The cage of madwomen”, and this is by no means accidental: a theatrical aroma comes out of this small bar in Petralona! 

Location: Dimofondos 57, 11851, Athens (Petralona)

FB page:

7.Lotte at Koukaki

This colorful and beautiful bistro, located in the most hype and trendy neighborhoods of Athens, is open from early morning serving amazing tea, coffee and snacks until late evening serving drinks and cocktails. The whole place has a very unique aesthetics; even the bathroom is beautiful with a vintage decor! The inside is small but it has a lot of tables outside where you can easily sit even during the winter since large heaters are placed in between.

Location: Tsami Karatasou 2, 11742, Athens (Koukaki)

FB page:


8.TIKI at Makrygianni 

This is the first and original Athenian tiki bar, that offers coffee and delicious options for food by day, amazing cocktails by night! The personnel is friendly and great at what they are doing: cocktails, cocktails, cocktails! You have to try their specials but don’t hesitate to ask the bartender to fix you something with your favorite ingredients, they will be happy to do so! The place hosts live music shows and makes delicious fresh popcorn every night, serving it as a side dish for your drinks! Makrygianni area is located in between Plaka and Koukaki and the bar is 5’ by foot from the Acropolis metro station.

Location: Falirou 15, Makrygianni, 11742, Athens (Makrygianni)

FB page:

9.Briki at Mavili Square

Briki is where Greeks make the Greek coffee in and this bar is as popular as the square it is located. Mavili square is a paradise for the night owls and the party people, since some of the bars located there stay open until the early hours of dawn. If you visit this bar late at night (2 o’clock in the morning) for a last drink, you may not find a spot to sit, since it’s a standard stop for those who are out on a bar-hopping night! It has a twin sibling at Pagrati, a different area in Athens, not so far away from Mavili square, that is equally beautiful. 

Location: Doryleou 6, 11521, Athens (Mavili Square)


10.Enikos at Exarcheia

Enikos (in Greek; the tenant) is one of the bars in a row, located at Kallidromiou street, one of the most historical streets of Exarcheia area. Kallidromiou has some of the most amazing old buildings in Athens and is located at the upper part of Exarcheia, linking Lycabettus area with the National Archaeological Museum. Every Saturday morning an open market takes place on the street with merchants selling their fresh goods: fruits, vegetables, fish and other amazing stuff. You can have a walk around the neighborhood and come back in the evening to have a drink at Enikos bar. 

Location: Kallidromiou 70, 11473, Athens (Exarcheia)



Hope it gave you a good reason to visit amazing Athens. if you want to join a graffiti tour or a food tour with me, I would be super happy to take you to the places I love the most. Tours take place every day with a local guide. You can order it here If you would like 🙂

 If you want more recommendation on things to see and do in Athens you can visit my other posts in this link. 

Hope you liked my post, if you did you are welcome to share it!


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