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Did you hear they opened the sky? That you can fly wherever you want ?! Have you been to Brazil before? in Paris? In London? Because if you too are tired of the situation and your mind burns at home and you want to visit the hottest destinations we invite you to tour the 5 graffiti works that changed the world through a tour - a virtual game with puzzles that will leave you with a taste of more. Click here to hear more

Read More 2020-03-12 Food tour of the Old City of Jerusalem

Join us for an authentic tasting journey, between different times and religions, through the Old City of Jerusalem between the walls. We will hear about the rich history of the place, which made it sacred for the three religions, we will walk through the different districts, we will see all kinds of people, we will taste an abundance of foods and we will hear the most interesting stories. We will start with a local original coffee, taste a pastry in a bakery that has existed for over 400 years, visit an old and hidden tahini factory and taste black tahini, find out what makes chickpeas the best, smell spices with special qualities, hear about a business that goes on for generations. The ancient, the only institution agreed upon by all as the best in its field. We will take you through the narrow and lesser known alleys, visit beautiful views and together we will open our mouths and hearts to all the abundance that the Old City has to offer.

2020-03-12 A graffiti tour in the center of the Jerusalem scene

6 best things you can do on Sunday in Athens


Donโ€™t have plans for Sunday in Athens yet?

Are you worried that because its Sunday everything is closed?ย 

Donโ€™t you worrie ๐Ÿ™‚ I am here to give you the bestย  6 places and things you should see and do in Athens on a Sunday –ย that makes a city be worthy to visit.

Either you visit Athens for a few days, or you have decided to spend some more time at the Greek capital, it is always a good idea to get to explore the city on a Sunday. Explore the different neighborhoods of downtown Athens while meeting locals who are out in the streets since they are enjoying their day off!

1- Visit the National Garden

Feel like having a good walk?

go on a romantic date or read a book?

The National Garden are perfect for that! its Located in the heart of Athens, just a few meters away from the Greek parliament and Syntagma square, it is an oasis of green and quiet in the busy capital. You can wander around the amazing trees and herbs (7,000 trees and 40,000 shrubs), feed the ducks, practice yoga or have a small picnic before the sunset. The Garden opens with the sunrise and close with the sunset, so be careful not to get locked in! There are 6 entrances to the Garden and the admission is free. They can get busy during the weekend but stillโ€ฆ they are quite big to fit everyone!ย 

Fun fact: A lot of Athenians use it to cut their commute short in downtown Athens!

2- If you came all the way to Athens- visitย  the Acropolis museum

Are you passionate about History?

Do you want to appreciate Athens even more?

Theย Acropolis museumย is perfect for you than. Itโ€™s true that You can choose between many, such as the National Archaeological Museum or The Museum of Illusions, but you shouldnโ€™t leave Athens without visiting the Acropolis museum! Get a ticket online to avoid the queues and get lost in the long corridors and amazing artworks that show ancient Athens. An extra plus: if the weather is good, you can have a coffee or a glass of wine outside on the terrace, where the view is amazing and the atmosphere of old Athens quite vivid. because it much more than a Museum!

Fun fact: the cafรฉ is a bit pricey but definitely worth visiting on a sunny day!

Buy tickets online:ย

Opening hours: Saturday – Sunday 9:00 a.m. – 8:00 p.m. (last admission: 7:30 p.m.)

3- Admire the view from Anafiotika Neighborhood and get that island feel

Love sightseeing? Want to feel like you are on a movie?ย 

This is one of the most breathtaking views of the city fromย Anafiotika Neighborhoodย , while feeling like you are on a Cycladic island! Wander around the neighborhood and get lost around the neighborhood that was built in the 19th century from residents of Anafi Island. You can definitely finish your walk by having a coffee or a traditional sweet spoon at Yasemi cafรฉ or Melina cafรฉ.ย 

Fun fact: Visitors and some Athenians sometimes get lost and donโ€™t really know how to find Anafiotikaโ€ฆ One way of certainly getting there is stay in the Plaka area and keep climbing up towards the rock from the famous and long stairs!

4-ย Shopping!! Monastiraki Flea market stroll

Love to shop? want to feel like a tourist?ย 

The Monastiraki flea market has everything! Hidden treasures and vintage colors are flooding Avissinias square. The flea market gets even more traffic on Sundays with locals and visitors blending in this amazing treasure hunting!

Fun fact: It is worth stopping at Avissinias cafe, to have a drink, a meze or a coffee, next to antique furniture that are on sale!

5-ย Visit the Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center (SNFCC)

SNFCC is Renzo Pianoโ€™s masterpiece in Athens! Located just a few minutes away from the busy center, it hosts the Greek National Opera and the National Library of Greece, with an amazing park, where you can stroll around and discover some exquisite sea views that will blow your mind! Why visit? You can either join a free tour in the buildings or at the Park, watch a show at the opera or even walk to the Lighthouse and surrender to that beautiful sea view. A totally โ€œgreenโ€ building, amazing in many ways, both architecture and environmental wise.

Fun fact: In the summer, an open air festival takes place in its premises with many different events taking place at the same time on different locations!ย ย

6- Take a stroll at the pedestrian road around Acropolis

This is one of the most amazing walks of your life! Under the Acropolis rock and with no cars, walk on the pedestrian street that connects Athenians to the city the most. Start from the Acropolis metro station -just outside the Museum of Acropolis- and follow the pedestrian street that circles the rock and leads to Thisseio. Thisseio is an amazing neighborhood, full of old houses, just one stop from Monastiraki, on the other side of the hill. On summer evenings, you will find couples holding hands, street musicians playing a song and people taking their dog for a walk unite!ย 

Fun fact: Herodion, one of the most famous ancient open theaters is located on this street!ย 

Hope it gave you a good reason to visit amazing Athens.ย Because everything is slow down on Sunday I think you have an opportunity to meet the locals, enjoy the city in a different vibe and have a good time. if you want to join a graffiti tour or a food tour with me, I would be super happy to take you to the places I love the most.ย Tours take placeย every dayย with a local guide. You canย order it hereย If you would like ๐Ÿ™‚

If you want more recommendations on things to see and do in Athens you can visit my other posts in this link.ย 

Hope you liked my post, if you did you are welcome toย shareย it!

Feel free to leave a comment or ask a question. You are always welcome toย Subscribeย to our blog and newsletter here.


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