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For an underground Graffiti tour in the alleyways of Florentin, Southern TLV

guided by the artists themselves

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What time is best for creating street art? If you’re thinking midnight, think again…
Also, what happens to a graffiti artists caught by the police? And how does a graffiti
artist paint across a multistory building?

Our tours are guided by English speaking street artists
who will answer all of those questions, and tell you secrets
only those with spray on their hands can tell...

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Our team is experienced with individually
adapting the tour to your group,
according to your needs and preferences.
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Customer Reviews

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“this is definitely shows how Tel Aviv is as a city”
Tel Aviv
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“we were able to do really fun stuff. like tag the wall (Doing graffiti on walls) and make our own little piece of art”
-Amanda -
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my favourite thing was that we we were forced to look up in the sky and learn about the history of the city -Nona-
Tel Aviv

What’s the plan?

You will walk through the secret alleys on Florentine— the graffiti hotspot of Tel  Aviv,

while being guided by one of our own street artists!

This tour will allow you  to experience fascinating art,

and allow you to discover a new perspective on the  city of Tel Aviv. You will even learn about the artists’ deepest secrets like… 

  • Where do the artists practice their art before creating the final piece?

  • How come the Tel Aviv municipality make money off the artists’ work— all while  opposing graffiti artists themselves?  

  • What happened when someone tried to erase the most famous piece of street art in  

    Tel Aviv?

  • How to spot graffiti, in places where no one else can find it?  police)

Finally, it’s time for you to try it yourselves!

After you’ve learned the secrets and got inspired by the most impressive art the streets of Tel Aviv have to offer, it’s time for you to give it a go!

Our tour ends with a unique workshop

Where you will learn the basic principles of graffiti art from a real graffiti artist

And commemorate your experience with an art piece that you’ve created yourselves.


P.S— we have templates and will teach you other fun techniques. 😊

Ready to book a tour?


 Our tour will go through different streets in Florentin, Southern Tel Aviv, and will start within the neighbourhood itself.

 The exact starting point and instructions will be emailed to you immediately upon booking a tour  

 Our exceptional team of guides! Our guides all speak English, create Graffiti themselves, and they will tell you extraordinary tales of the art you see on the streets.   

You can choose between 2 options: join a group tour, where you will join an existing tour with a group of other people and  one of our guides, or book a private tour. When booking a private tour we can tailor the event exactly to your wishes

 We recommend booking the dates most comfortable for you to secure your spot on the tour. Once you’ve done that, our cancelation process is quite flexible: 

If you’d like to postpone your tour, you can inform us up to 48 hours before the tour is requested.

The alternate tour date will be up to 3 months after the original tour was supposed to take place.

Cancellation up to 96 hours before your tour date – money-back guarantee

Cancellation under 48 hours before the tour date – requires a full cancelation fee

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Ready to book a tour?

A splash of colour from our tours:

About Grafitiyul :

Grafitiyul was founded in 2013 by a brother and sister, who found their voices through  street art, and realized that graffiti can be a wonderful medium to communicate their  deep thoughts as well as tabooed subjects. Their art helped change peoples’ minds,  as well as their perspectives.  

Not giving up on their art, the siblings soon understood that the graffiti world has a  negative bias, although the artwork itself had positive reactions from the community  itself. Those experiences had equipped them with a new agenda – to shed a brand new light on graffiti in a fun, interesting, and interactive way. 

They started by speaking to locals, interviewing artists, and discovering amazing  hidden spots. 

 After the Graffiti tours started picking up, Grafitiyul expanded their horizons, using the  same methods to create specialized local culinary tours. Grafityul believes in  encouraging the creativity found within, opening minds, and encouraging out-of-the box thinking, through creating deep connections to the places you may visit. 

To actualize this vision, Grafityul offers workshops, lectures, and professional graffiti  educational programs, as well as operating alternative niche tours and workshops, in  Tel Aviv, Haifa, Bethlehem, and Athens.  

We invite you to take part in this innovative way of thinking— though the unique eyes of  the artists, while embracing your creativity through our workshops, led by the artists  themselves. 

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