Graffiti Tours

קורס גרפיטי

תוכנית קורס גרפיטי: מפגש ראשון: רקע על גרפיטי + טאגים/ גופנים/ טקסטים בסיס רקע קצר על תולדות הגרפיטי, חשיבותו היום בסצנת האמנות, המעבר מגרפיטי לאמנות בגלריה. לאחר מכן נלמד ממה מורכב כל גופן, איך להמציא גופנים, נקבל שליטה בקו, במילוי, אפקטים של...

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Graffiti Workshop – an amazing experience!

In Grafifiti Tiyul Workshop you will work with a professional artist who will teach you the fun and special techniques available. This event is available for all levels of experience and can be kept small to ensure that individual attention will be given to everyone....

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Night Tour with flashlights

When darkness falls over the city, the streets suddenly come to life. Equipped with flashlights we will explore the rejuvenated streets in the dark of night. We’ll Go through the alleys of the Florentine, past the clubs and pubs in the area and discover the artists’...

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Graffiti Tour and Workshop

This amazing experience offers two thrilling parts. First, we will take the back streets and discover some of the latest, greatest and oldest examples of street art, graffiti and mural work. The street art tour will open your mind to things you have never noticed as...

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Florentine street art tour

Join us and discover the mysteries of the street. Our tour includes a meeting with a graffiti artist who works in Florentine (south Tel Aviv). We’re here to teach you about the people behind the art, what motivates them and what they’re trying to tell us – and why in...

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Graffiti Tour and street art in Jerusalem

In this tour we would join a street artist and will see all the hidden graffiti in Jerusalem:  the nightlife district, the alleyways of Machane Yehuda Market, the “Havatzalt” compound. We’ll experience today’s Jerusalem through the graffiti: a young, vibrant and...

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