The Visual Language in times of crisis
Graffiti tour focused on graffiti responses during the October 7 war.

Guided by a Graffiti artist
that shares personal stories

Two hours tour+ hands on workshohp

נגן וידאו

The tour will include:

  • The most important graffiti that was created since October 7th
  • The inspiring stories behind the visual narrative.
  • The community response to the graffiti.
  • A peek into the creative process, uncovering the thoughts and decisions that shape the selection of subjects and messages in each mural: Who was chosen to be painted and why?

after you will see it all,
you will get the chance to do
Graffiti Hands-On Workshop (20 minutes)
– allowing you to process and express
their thoughts and feelings,
taking inspiration from the tour.

Technical information

South Tel Aviv

An hour and a half

Mile 0.9

Protected spaces all along the way


some of the income will be donate commemorate and make more Graffiti

recommended age +12

Whats NOT included?

horrors and horrifying stories.

What is included?

⬅ Guided by a Graffiti artist who will share personal stories about the challenging moments in the field during the creation.
⬅ the top Graffiti art that was published in almost all news channels and newspapers

What do you do in the workshop?

What is it all about?

נגן וידאו
הסיפור שריגש והעלה חיוך למדינה שלמה בדיוק ברגע שהיינו צריכים את זה
רחל מאופקים
נגן וידאו
בזכות החלטה אחת הצליחה להציל קיבוץ שלם
ענבל ליברמן
נגן וידאו
המחווה הרומנטית לחמאס

donation to commemorate the heroes -

10% of the profits will be transferred as a donation to commemorate the heroes –
Continue to commemorate more murdered and kidnapped with graffiti works that will raise morale and awareness of their stories!


 In case it rains, the tour will go out as usual 🙂 In that case, I'll get you cool umbrellas sprayed with graffiti and a hot drink on the way.  You can always bring an umbrella with you if it's more convenient.

0.9 Mile

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You can park in a regulated parking lot, or blue and white, after registration you will receive an organized email with all the details

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Here is some of what we will see

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צוות גרפיטיול ☎️


חכו תראו איך אנחנו במדיה

How did the news react to the Graffiti we did?

נגן וידאו
תוכנית בוקר
Channel 13
נגן וידאו
תוכנית בוקר עדן ועודד
Channel 14
נגן וידאו
המהדורה המרכזית של ערוץ 12
Channel 12
נגן וידאו
ישראל במלחמה- נגה ניר נאמן
Channel 13
כתבה בידיעות אחרונות
כתבה הארץ
ישראל היום
עיתון לאישה
ישראל היום
חדשות 13
עיתון הארץ
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