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X 2020-04-22 5 The graffiti that changed the world - a virtual tour that will blow you away

Did you hear they opened the sky? That you can fly wherever you want ?! Have you been to Brazil before? in Paris? In London? Because if you too are tired of the situation and your mind burns at home and you want to visit the hottest destinations we invite you to tour the 5 graffiti works that changed the world through a tour - a virtual game with puzzles that will leave you with a taste of more. Click here to hear more

Read More 2020-03-12 Food tour of the Old City of Jerusalem

Join us for an authentic tasting journey, between different times and religions, through the Old City of Jerusalem between the walls. We will hear about the rich history of the place, which made it sacred for the three religions, we will walk through the different districts, we will see all kinds of people, we will taste an abundance of foods and we will hear the most interesting stories. We will start with a local original coffee, taste a pastry in a bakery that has existed for over 400 years, visit an old and hidden tahini factory and taste black tahini, find out what makes chickpeas the best, smell spices with special qualities, hear about a business that goes on for generations. The ancient, the only institution agreed upon by all as the best in its field. We will take you through the narrow and lesser known alleys, visit beautiful views and together we will open our mouths and hearts to all the abundance that the Old City has to offer.

2020-03-12 A graffiti tour in the center of the Jerusalem scene

Grafoodiez tour- Jerusalem

Food and graffiti tour in Jerusalem city center

Grafoodiez tour- Jerusalem

Why you should join this tour?

Because when you combine the flavors with the beauty of this city, you are guaranteed to fall in love with it! 

Join us for an experience that connects innovation through graffiti and tradition through food and you will get a colorful mosaic that takes the experience of this magical city to a whole other level. 

We’ll start with the world of graffiti and take you down lesser-known, funky alleys. We’ll confront you with writings on walls, share the stories behind them and through them you will uncover different aspects of Israeli society. 

Once you’ve warmed up an appetite, we’ll continue to the colorful and vibrant atmosphere of the most exciting place in Israel: Machane Yehuda market! We’ll explore the flavors that make people return time and time again- the rogalach that melts in your mouth, the cheese-filled Khakapuri whose recipe has been handed down for generations, home-made stuffed vegetables and desserts that will make you want to lick your fingers! 

In between bites we’ll witness the transformation of the market that started off dirty and neglected and became the most talked about market in Israel, find out what happens when Georgian and Turkish kitchens team up, hear the story of how an idea that started in the market turned a young boy from the neighborhood into one of the richest men in Israel(!), learn who the figures are that are painted on the market stalls and how the whole colorful project began.

Tour highlights:

  • Walk through Nachlaot and Machne Yehuda market- taste, smell and hear the best of what makes this city so special
  • Discover the city from many angles and hear stories from a local tour guide
  • Walk in an area that joins old and new, giving it a hype that attracts many visitors
  • Art by- Solomon Souza, VSU, Dan Groover and graffiti tags by anonymous artists
  • Taste rugelach that melts in your mouth
  • Enjoy khachapuri fresh from the oven
  • Incredible knafeh for dessert to top it all off!

Nothing better than combining all the senses!

3 Hours Minutes

From age 6-12

  • Free Cancellation Full refund up to 48 hours before the tour
  • 100% Secure Booking

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If you are coming to Rome with your entourage and you’d like to take a private tour just for you and your group – we can make that happen! Just visit our private tours page and fill out the form – we’ll help you plan the perfect Rome tour for your needs.

Tour Highlights

Allyson, New York City
Excellent graffiti tour, food and workshop with the best guide!! We did the graffiti, food and workshop tour with Yaara. My family was a little hesitant before starting as they were afraid it would be too long and might not be that interesting. Yaara did an amazing job explaining the history of graffiti here in Tel Aviv, the artists, the artwork and had us taste foods that we would not expect to find on a food tour in Israel. The workshop was lots of fun too. Highly recommend!
Aviv berg, Miami
The best private tour I had- graffiti tour in Florentin We booked a private tour, as there were no group tours in English available when we were in town. What luck! Luba was fantastic. Her energetic, interactive approach was fun as well as informative. We gained great appreciation for the world of Florentin graffiti artists and their art and developed insight that will influence how we view graffiti in other contexts and places in the future. The cherry on top at the end of the tour was the opportunity to spray paint our own graffiti. Highly recommend!
Emmanuel Ben-Nun, Israel
Five Stars Street Art Tour! I participated in Hadar Gabai's Street Art Tour in The 13th Arrondissment of Paris. I can only say the best about this tour both about the Art I saw as well as the engaging and fun way it was presented by Hadar. Most recommended
Aaron Cohen, Paris
Energetic, enriching and recreative Graffiti tour of lovely Neve-Tzedek neighborhood. Tour guide Elinoy was instrumental in opening our eyes and get us feel the vibe of the local Graffiti art. Highly recommended.
Leah Thalbella

A definite must! Had an absolutely wonderful tour with Yaara Philo with Taglit. This is a definite must for every artist and just anyone who wants a better understanding of Israel's culture and history. Street art is so often overlooked and it's messages and artists' voices are unfortunately silenced too frequently. Yaara went above and beyond to give pertinent background and context regarding each significant or landmark piece. Since I traveled with a group it was a really great opportunity to hear the opinions and feedback from other individuals in the group and Yaara orchestrated a wonderful and encouraging open forum type of discussion which you don't get to experience in most tours. Yaara answered all of our questions and provoked open ended questions of her own leaving us to challenge and explore our own cultural norms. I definitely recommend this tour and would love to experience it again!
Ben Harush
Something different to do in Tel Aviv! Ever wonder the true meaning behind some of the graffiti one sees on walls? This 90 minute tour by the very knowledgeable Hadar will answer all your questions.
Amanda Geil, Boston
Interesting beyond expectations! Wow! I really didn't know what to expect but this was terrific! Interesting to all in our party --from 13 to 81 years old! It does require a bit of walking, and it is definitely political--but Adon was amazing and open to all opinions about graffiti (we had a wide range of opinions!) and was accepting that we didn't all agree. He explained what it means to him without ever being preachy, and we all learned so much! We didn't have a lot of time to spray paint but that was our fault--we were over-scheduled! The bit we did do was fun!
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In case of rainy or super hot weather- the experience will still take place. We have great options for rainy days, so you’re welcome to call the office and readjust your activity :)
Walking distance
about 800-1500 meters (easy, slow paced) suitable for children, pensionaries.

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Grafoodiez tour- Jerusalem

Food and graffiti tour in Jerusalem city center

Tour highlights: Walk through Nachlaot and Machne Yehuda market- taste, smell and hear the best of what makes this city so special Discover the city from many angles and hear stories from a local tour guide Walk in an area that joins old and new, giving it a hype that attracts many visitors Art by- Solomon Souza, VSU, Dan Groover and graffiti tags by anonymous artists Taste rugelach that melts in your mouth Enjoy khachapuri fresh from the oven Incredible knafeh for dessert to top it all off!

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הסיורים מועברים על ידי צוות מדריכים מקצועי ומנוסה, אמנים צעירים ויוצרים מקומיים, שחיים ונושמים את חיי הרחוב המרתקים והדינמיים, וקרובים לעשייה האמנותית ולהוויה המקומית. אמנים בעלי תשוקה, חיבור ואהבה לאנשים, סיפורים ואמנות, שישתפו אתכם מניסיונם ויציגו בפניכם את נקודת מבטם האישית כאמנים.


כן, רוב הסיורים שלנו הינם סיורים לקבוצות פרטיות. הסיורים מתאימים לקבוצות פרטיות מגוונות, חברים, משפחות, קבוצת עובדים, תיירים ולכל קבוצה שבוחרת להתארגן ביחד לחוויה ייחודית משותפת. אנו בונים סיור פרטי מותאם לצרכים הספציפיים של הקבוצה, לאופי המשתתפים ולאירוע הרלבנטי. הסיורים מותאמים אישית לאופי הקבוצה לאחר שיחת התאמה להבנת הצרכים, הרצונות והציפיות שלכם וגם סוג האירוע המדובר. בסיור יינתן דגש ויחס אישי לרצונותיכם, וניתן יהיה להציג עבודות רלוונטיות לנושאים שמעניינים אתכם (העצמה אישית, מחאה חברתית וכו׳). את הסיורים הפרטיים אפשר לקיים בשעות וימים גמישים בהתאם לבקשת הקבוצה.


ניתן לרכוש שובר מתנה עבור אירועים ייחודיים ולהעניק מתנה לאהובים עליכם לחגיגה קצת אחרת!


אם אתם מעוניינים בסיור פרטי או להצטרף לסיור פתוח, עדיף להרשם ולצור עמנו קשר כמה שיותר מראש (: עם זאת, אם בא לכם סיור ממש בקרוב, אפשר להזמין כאן באתר! פשוט הכנסו לעיר המבוקשת ולסיור שתרצו והזמינו! אם אתם רוצים להצטרף ממש ברגע האחרון- צרו עמנו קשר במייל או בטלפון שמופיעים כאן למטה באתר!


הסיורים שלנו מתקיימים בעברית, אנגלית, צרפתית, ספרדית ורוסית. ביחרו את העיר בה תרצו לסייר וצרו עמנו קשר לגבי שפה מסוימת (:


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"החוויה הייתה מדהימה! קודם כל, חששתי בגלל הילד, אמרתי אולי לא יהיה מעניין אולי זה יהיה למבוגרים ולא יהיה מתאים לילדים, אבל אלינוי מעבירה את הסיור בצורה מעניינת שמתאימה גם לילדים וגם למבוגרים חזרתי אחורה בשנים חזרתי להיות ילדה"
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